Around Guilin

Streets of Guilin are beautiful all year round! Fall is probably my favorite season because the flowering trees start to bloom and everything cools down a little bit. All of the streets in Guilin are lined with trees so that the sidewalks are shaded. It gives the city the feeling of being small and cozy while you are walking or driving through.

Scooters are the way of life! The large majority of the people in Guilin travel using scooters. Only wealthier people have cars.Driving around Guilin, you can definitely get to places more quickly on a scooter than in a car because scooters are smaller and can weave through traffic. However, scooters are not allowed on the highways, so that’s where cars rule.

Most people live a fast, busy life in China with working more than 40 hours a week. Restaurant owners normally work around 12 hours a day, every day. However, with this busy schedule, you will occasionally see people taking breaks and getting some quick shut-eye on the bus or just enjoy the scenery of the Li River.


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